Sauna Prototype

Creating the Sauna Prototype

Collaboration Across Locations

Teams from different places like San Francisco, Australia, and Los Angeles worked together to design the sauna prototype. They put their heads together, sharing ideas and plans to make it happen.

Location for Construction

After all the brainstorming and planning, they decided to build the prototype in Santa Fe Springs, CA. This spot was chosen because it offered the right facilities, space, and resources needed for the job.

Putting It All Together

In Santa Fe Springs, the teams got down to business. They used the designs and ideas from their collaboration to build the sauna prototype. It was a hands-on process, with people working together to bring the plans to life.

Testing and Refinement

Once the prototype was built, it went through some testing throughout the Los Angeles Area to see how well it worked. This involved trying it out, checking if everything was working as intended, and making any necessary tweaks or improvements.

The Big Picture

This collaboration and construction process in Santa Fe Springs were crucial steps in creating a sauna prototype that could potentially be used or even mass-produced for people to enjoy. It's all about taking an idea, turning it into something real, and making sure it works before moving forward.

Sauna Prototype Drawings

Sauna Chair & Jump Seat Drawings

Sauna Rendering

Sauna Chair Pictures & Renderings